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Warsop Walk 2

This walk from Warsop to Cuckney and back includes open fields, woodland, a farm road and an old lane. You may wish to spend time investigating Cuckney’s mill pond or stop for a drink at the Greendale Oak.

This walk is about 6 kilometres and should take between 1 and 2 hours.

From the Carrs walk up the A60 and pass through the kissing gate opposite the cemetery and take the crossfield path. Progress uphill through three fields to reach the corner of the woods.

Carry straight on along the track at the edge of the woods and keep straight on where other paths join. When the route leaves the wood take the crossfield path near Park House Farm and then follow the farm road.

Take care crossing the A632 and go up the steps to Mill Hill. Descend to the dam. You may now wish to explore around the mill pond or enjoy a rest on a bench.

Leave the dam along School Lane past the mill buildings that now house the school. Continue along Creswell Road and cross the busy A60 and walk to the Greendale Oak public house. Bear right and turn left along Budby Road.

Join Donkey Lane alongside the last house and continue uphill until you join the A60 near the top of Cuckney Hill. Cross the road at a safe place and follow the road downhill back to the starting point.