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Warsop Walk 1

The eastern side of Warsop Parish has ancient lanes, fine views and a variety of coniferous and deciduous woodland. Birds are plentiful in the hedgerows, wildflowers are abundant along Budby Drive and in autumn fungi thrive beneath the beech trees and at the sides of the cycle route. The meandering River Meden is crossed twice.

This walk is about 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) and should take between 2 and 3 hours.


Take Upper Cross Lane (BW25) from the top of Cherry Grove and then FP28 across the field to join Broomhill Lane (BW31) at the sewage works. Continue downhill along BW32, crossing Hanger Hill Drive and continue to the corner of Budby Common.

Turn left along the Nation Cycle Route to pass Budby Pumping Station, cross the Meden Vale to Budby road and walk up Budby Drive to Hazel Gap.

The route then heads back towards Meden Vale along FP36 before turning south down FP38, crossing the road at the white gates beside Gleadthorpe Lodge and following Hanger Hill Drive (BW33) back into the forest where the outward route is rejoined.

Turn right and follow BW32 and BW31 back to the sewage works where you have the option of turning right and following Broomhill Lane (BW29) to join Burns Lane back into Warsop.