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Reflections on the Project

The training sessions at the start of the project were just the beginning of the process of learning about the complex relationships between hedgerows and their associated plants and creatures. Thanks are due to all of the people whose expertise in various areas contributed to the project. One of the major outcomes was the increase in our understanding of how the landscape of Warsop has evolved and how its features can tell us the stories of its past. One of the great pleasures of the surveying was venturing into corners of the parish that we may never have otherwise visited. There are many special secluded spots in our parish and also one or two places that I have made a note to avoid in the future!

As for the future of our hedgerows, hopefully the decline of the second half of the 20th century has slowed. The risks from neglect, development, inappropriate management and vandalism continue. We can afford to be optimistic about their survival as long as agricultural subsidies continue to make sensitive management viable. However the days when the majority of hedgerows were dense, laid, stock-proof barriers are in the past although today’s versions are still of great value to wildlife and humans. Hopefully, in the unlikely even that anybody is misguided enough to repeat our survey at the start of the 22nd century, we will be judged as the generation that began to value hedgerows once more.

A recently laid hedgerow alongside Sookholme Lane
A recently laid hedgerow alongside Sookholme Lane