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A Guide to Children's Centres in Warsop & Mansfield Woodhouse

Hello and welcome to this guide to Childrens Centres. Through these web pages we are going to look at the exciting changes taking place locally that will see the start of Childrens Centres, within the Meden Valley area.

This is part of the Every Child Matters' policies and so much is happening that will have massive benefits for local children and their families. Through these web pages we will describe the services we can offer you and your child. If there are things you would like to see happening in your local Sure Start, give us a call at Warsop on 01623 847766 and Mansfield Woodhouse 01623 666370.
Jude - Senior Co-ordinator

Under the Every Child Matters policies the Government has outlined 5 key areas that it wants to concentrate its work on in communities, over the coming years. This is known as the Outcomes Framework. Anyone with young children is going to be hearing a lot about the Every Child Matters policies, so let's see if we can make sense of them!

Here is a description of the Outcomes and how they affect children and young people.

Be Healthy - this is about making physical, mental, sexual, lifestyle and drugs positive choices, to promote a healthy life.

Stay Safe - every child has the right to be free from neglect, violence, bullying, crime and anti-social behaviour. They should be be offered security, stability and feel cared for.

Enjoy and Achieve - children need a life that is full of challenges and they need to feel that they are achieving. This should both in school and at home.

Make a positive contribution - once you feel part of something you have a sense of belonging. Children and young people can experience this too, by being involved in decision making. Through positive behaviour, in and out of school, we can help our children develop self-confidence. We are looking to develop the leaders of the future!

Achieve economic well-being - once our children leave school they need work, training or further education. By having more of us working we can create happier communities.

Now we'll look at how we deliver services in-line these outcomes.




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