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Warsop Parish Council Meeting Minutes
Town Hall, Church Street
Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts.NG20 0AL
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Notes from the meeting held Thursday 1st November, 2012 at the Longden Terrace Club at 6pm
Regarding the revitalising of the terraced houses being called “The Mount Pleasant Estate”

The purpose of the meeting was to inform residents about the plans that Mansfield District Council have for the area since the demise of Meden Valley Making Places who were originally going to regenerate the area, their funding pot of £500,000 was given to MDC to carry out the work and to get feedback from residents.

MDC have since purchased 5 near derelict properties at auction for just under £40,000 each and plan to make them habitable as a starting point of their regeneration plans. They have committed to support the area and improve the houses.

Present at the meeting:
Cllrs Andy Wetton, John Kerr, Peter Crawford and Derek Evans.
MDC Officers: Jeremy Regan and Tom Toumazou
Clerk to Warsop Parish Council, Tania Barlow.
Residents and CHAD reporter.

Cllr John Kerr, chaired the meeting and Tania Barlow took notes.

A disappointing number of residents attended but the ones who did told Cllrs and Officers of their issues and gave some ideas of how to help combat the problems.

The Cllrs dropped leaflets into most of the houses with the exception of a few on Clumber Street as they ran out.  The next meeting will be advertised in Warsop and District News followed up by leaflet drop, one resident offered to help with the leaflet drop.

Tom spoke about the issues of absent landlords , ASRA formally LHA and the sub-letting of properties by a company who rents  to migrant workers.  LHA have let properties go into disrepair creating problems for other residents of the area and because of the amount of empty properties and the state of them this has had a knock-on-effect reducing the saleable value of other properties nearby.  He urged the residents to keep reporting anti-social behaviour and to pull together with the Cllrs, MDC Officers, Wardens and The Police to identify the problem areas and the people creating them this information is vital to identify the overall problems they face living in this area. The more complaints received the better. An inspector will need to be employed to inspect the houses and force landlords to improve them.

Residents asked where to get contact numbers from, the Cllrs replied that they are in the Warsop News every month, in  the Town Hall and on the internet.  Tania also added that staff in the Town Hall would help anyone wanting access to a computer.

A Cllr from Ladybrook Estate, spoke about his successes working with residents in his area and setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme, he gave residents information cards about the Alert Scheme.  He said that crime and the perception of crime as dropped.  He also repeated about the importance of contacting Cllrs, MDC , Wardens and The Police and told residents to report everything even if they think it is a waste of time.

Cllr Andy Wetton read the motion put forward by MDC:

The Council recognises that the Mount Pleasant area of Warsop has been blighted in recent years as a result of social deprivation, poor housing and high rates of welfare dependency.

This Council further recognises that housing provision in the area is dominated by a high proportion of private rented accommodation provided by some landlords who have not kept up their properties to a decent standard and this has led to dereliction.

This Council resolves:-

  1. To commission a conditions survey of properties in the area.
  1. To use all its powers to force private landlords to comply with the law as to the repair and maintenance of their properties.
  1. To investigate the acquisition of and regeneration of properties if the private owners fail to bring the properties up to acceptable standards.
  1. To carry out environmental improvements to raise the general condition of the area.

A meeting has been arranged with MDC and ASRA to see if they still want a presence in Warsop and MDC are looking at schemes to help get first time buyers on the property ladder. They are also looking for funding to be able to purchase more properties.

Residents spoke about the amount of rubbish on back gardens and people either not putting bins out putting the wrong rubbish in them and some who put them out leave them out. This needs addressing with education.  One resident suggested an Environmental  Officer knock on all the doors the day before a collection and give them information of what to put in what bin, then knock on the doors of the ones left out to tell them to take them back in. Another resident also suggested putting skips on everything street so they can clear their back gardens. Once the clear up has been done if residents don’t comply they should be fined and this needs to be enforced. One resident also has a problem with a piece of un-adopted road which is never swept, Cllrs said they would try to get this remedied.

Tom took information from residents about their personally issues, he promised to do something about them and report back to them.

Cllr John Kerr added that he has been in touch with the Police to try and get more Officers back in Warsop for an area with 5 hamlets 1 PC and 1 PCSO is not enough.

The next meeting was arranged for Thursday 7th February 2013 at 6pm, venue to be confirmed.


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