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Warsop Parish Council Meeting Minutes
Town Hall, Church Street
Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts.NG20 0AL
Tel: 01623 846011

email: tbarlow@warsop-pc.gov.uk

Draft MINUTES of the Emergency Parish Council meeting held on MONDAY, 2nd APRIL, 2012 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Market Warsop.
Present: Cllrs. S. Moody (Chairman), P. Crawford (Vice-Chairman), J. Kerr, D. Evans (MDC), J. Allin (NCC), H. Kochanowski, M. Needham, D. Harrison and D. Priest.
Apologies: Cllrs. A. Wetton (MDC), K. Smith and M. Cunliffe, Clerk T. Barlow.
In the absence of the Clerk (on leave) the minutes were taken by the Chairman.

8773. DECLARATIONS BY MEMBERS OF PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTEREST - The Chairman drew the attention of Members to declare any personal or prejudicial interests related to agenda items.
Lottery Interim Steering Group – Cllrs. S. Moody, J. Allin, J. Kerr, H. Kochanowski and K. Smith
Warsop Town Hall Management Group – Cllrs. S. Moody, J. Allin, P. Crawford, J. Kerr, S and H. Kochanowski
Warsop Carnival – Cllrs. S. Moody and K. Smith
SOS – Cllrs. S. Moody, J. Kerr, P. Crawford and H. Kochanowski
CCTV – Cllr. J. Allin
Warsop & District News – Cllr. K. Smith
Age Concern – Cllrs. J. Allin, P. Crawford and H. Kochanowski
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton
Meden Vale Community Association – Cllrs. J. Kerr.
Warsop Vale Community Association – Cllrs. J. Kerr.
Market Warsop Players – Cllrs. S. Moody and K. Smith
Meden Vale the Future – Cllrs. J. Allin and J. Kerr
Friends of The Carrs – Cllr. J. Kerr & P. Crawford
Warsop Footpaths & Countryside Group & Unit 2000 – Cllr. H. Kochanowski
Assoc of Labour Councillors – Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, J. Kerr, S. Moody, M. Cunliffe and P. Crawford.

8774. HIGH STREET CAR PARK: No valuation has yet done by Mansfield District Council (MDC). An offer of £30,000 was made which has been declined by Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC). Patrick Robinson, Property Services, NCC had been in contact with Cllr Allin and stated that the car park is now back on the market but will be going to auction on 17th May 2012. Cllr Kerr suggested we contact Alan Meale MP regarding the issue and if we have any rights under the Localism Bill.
Action 1: J Kerr to contact Alan Meale MP.
Action 2: We still need it valuing so we know how much to offer/bid – P Crawford pursuing this.
Action 3: Check current planning status of the land – D Evans to pursuit.

8775. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 13:00 hrs Thurs 5th April, 2012.

Signed …………………………Chairman WPC Date …………………..


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