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Warsop Parish Council Meeting Minutes
Town Hall, Church Street
Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts.NG20 0AL
Tel: 01623 846011

email: tbarlow@warsop.gov.uk

MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on MONDAY, 18th OCTOBER, 2010 at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Market Warsop.
Present: Cllrs. S. Moody (Chairman), E. Hill (Vice-Chair), J. Kerr, S. Shields, P. Crawford, A. Wetton (Mansfield District Councillors), and J. Allin (Nottinghamshire County Councillor), B. Smith, M. Ellis, J. Heald and D. Priest.
CHAD reporter.
Apologies: Cllr. P. Crawford (in hospital). Get well card to be sent.

8462. DECLARATIONS BY MEMBERS OF PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTEREST - The Chairman drew the attention of Members to declare any personal or prejudicial interests related to agenda items.
Warsop Town Hall Management Group – Cllrs. S. Moody, J. Allin, P. Crawford, J. Kerr, S, Shields and H. Kochanowski
Warsop Carnival – E. Hill (Liaison)
CCTV – Cllr. J. Allin
Age Concern – Cllrs. J. Allin, P. Crawford, B. Smith and H. Kochanowski
WPRA – Cllrs. J. Kerr, P. Crawford.
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton
Meden Vale Community Association – Cllrs. J. Kerr and S. Shields
Warsop Vale Community Association – Cllrs. J. Kerr and S. Shields
Warsop Plough Jnr FC - Cllr. M. Ellis.
Market Warsop Players – Cllr. S. Moody.
Meden Vale the Future – Cllrs. J. Allin, J. Kerr and S. Shields
Warsop Footpaths & Countryside Group & Unit 2000 – Cllr. H. Kochanowski
Assoc of Labour Councillors – Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, S. Shields, D. Priest, J. Kerr P. Crawford and Stuart Moody.

Before the meeting The Chairman presented Cllr. Brian Smith with a clock to mark his 50+ years of commitment to the Parish Council and the community.

8463. MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING - The minutes of the last Parish Council on MONDAY 20th SEPTEMBER, 2010 were accepted as a true record.

8464. CRIME AND DISORDER – As there was no Police presence, the Chairman moved to the next agenda item but would allow them to give a report if they should turn up during the meeting. Cllr. Kerr stated that he was not pleased that there was no representation, especially since just finding out the Police Station is no longer being manned. Questions also need to be answered as to the rumour about the Police Station being sold and where the Police will ultimately be housed. It was agreed that contact to be made to Inspector Sam Wilson and Chief Superintendent Simon Nickless for their comments.

The Chairman did not close the meeting as there were no public present.
a. Nettleworth Manor – extension to existing outbuilding
b. The Rectory – works to 3 trees (TPO-005)
c. Crates & Grapes – retention of signs
d. 93 Mansfield Rd – 2 storey rear extension
e. 165 Egmanton Rd – replacement detached garage to rear
f. 18 Barn Owl Close – 2 storey rear extension
No comments were made.

8466. WARSOP TOWN HALL – The council chamber and upstairs offices have now been decorated and will be carpeted soon. The hall and stairs also need decorating soon. The survey has been done for the stairlift but a date for installation has not yet been received. A bid is being prepared to apply to Reaching Communities Lottery fund, Carol Hill is the acting Town Hall Manager on a voluntary basis, she will be writing the bid and is in the process of issuing new contracts to the existing tenants. She has secured a 6 month contract to rent out the Council Chamber for 2 days per week. Cllr. Heald asked if any of the support promised by MDC was forthcoming in particular the housing office moving in? Cllr. Kerr replied that, so far no support has been offered. Cllr. Heald proposed that Ruth Marlow be invited to our next meeting, Cllr. Wetton seconded the motion and it was unanimously agreed.

8467. MEDEN BATHS – The SOS group continue to work with MDC to try and secure the future of the pool, flyers and posters have been distributed all over the Parish, every pupil at our 8 schools has had a flyer and a scheme to sell bottled water to support the pool is almost in place. It’s is now up to the community to use the facility to prove to MDC that we cannot afford to lose it.

8468. COMMUNITY BONFIRE – Kev Keegan, s.h.i.n.e, has now gained permission from Eastwood Trust with support from Parish Council to hold it on Friday 12th November including a weekend of family entertainment with all day Saturday and Youth Council’s all day POWAR awards in the evening. More information in November’s Warsop News.

8469. CHRISTMAS MARKET – The Christmas Crackers Team are in the process of organising our annual event on Thursday 2nd December with Fireworks, Ice Skating and the Xmas Factor Competition. High Street & Sherwood Street will again be closed to traffic to allow market stalls, Santa’s Grotto and kiddie rides. More information in November’s Warsop News

8470. CHRISTMAS PANTO – The Chairman asked that the Parish Council once again support our annual official Panto – being the one presented by Market Warsop Players and for all marketing material to carry the Parish Council logo. Agreed unanimously. More information in Warsop News.

8471. BIG LOTTERY – The interim steering group has been set up and it was proposed that Maddy Pritchard take over as Chairman. The Big Local fund of £1.5m will be available early 2012, whilst this is not a lot of money to spread over projects for 10 years, it is hope that other funding streams will be attracted.

8472. CARNIVAL – AGM Town Hall Council Chamber tomorrow 7pm.

8473. WARSOP PARISH PARTNERSHIP OPEN FORUM – A letter from has been received from Ruth Marlow supporting the Parish Council in forming a new partnership with Lottery. This item is to be removed from future agendas.

8474. YOUTH COUNCIL - The Chairman told members that Simon Harper, a Meden School Student has been elected as Mansfield’s Youth Mayor and it was agreed to invite him to a youth council meeting and a full council meeting. Powar awards will now take place at the Eastwood’s building on Sat 13th November.

8475. THE CARRS – MDC have appointed a representative from the Wildlife Trust to re-generate the Friends groups and have asked the Friends of the Carrs to call a meeting before the end of October, if they do not do this, the Wildlife Trust will call one in November. Cllr. Kerr reported that he has applied for funding under S106 for new play equipment for Carr Lane and the Carrs. Cllr. Heald commented about the new gates being locked on Carr Lane, with no access to the Car Park cars are parking outside residents houses causing problems he asked if they could be open during the day. Cllr. Ellis suggested that the person who unlocks and locks the cemetery gates could do this. The Clerk is to get in touch with Tim Downes. Cllr. Kerr told members that he has applied from section 106 monies from the new phase of the Bellway development for 2 news swings at Carr Lane and 2 new swings and an extreme play area, for older children on the Carrs

8476. WARSOP PARISH CHURCH – Nothing to report, still awaiting a reply from MDC. Cllr. Kerr will check with Democratic Services. At the recent licensing of the new Reverend Angela Fletcher, The Chairman welcomed her to the Parish on behalf of the Parish Council. All agreed a letter of welcome should be sent.

8477. WARSOP AND DISTRICT NEWS – A hint of 28 pages came with this edition but sense prevailed and with a lot of work, it all went into 24 pages, with all the community events from now till Christmas it’s been a struggle. It will be out Wednesday 27th October.

8478. CONNIE CLUB CAR PARK – Cllr Allin asked that a letter be obtained from the club to give permission to re-surface it. Cllr. Kerr to action.

8479. BOUNDARY REVIEW – In the absence of Cllr. Crawford there was nothing to report. A copy of a letter from MDC regarding polling stations in relation to Boundary review, was given to each member.

8480. TESCO – No record of plans being submitted yet.

8481. ANNUAL RETURN for year ending 31st March, 2010 – Clement Keys have now completed the external Audit, no comments were made.

a. John Eastwood Hospice Trust – a thank you letter was read out thanking
Warsop Parish Council for their kind donation of £200 to sponsor Brian
Hawkins walking the Cumbrian Way for the Hospice.
b. Network Rail – letter of acknowledgement regarding our letter about the
trees on Robin Hood Ave.

Lloyds TSB Current Account – 18 Oct10………….. …… £12,201.14
Lloyds TSB Premier Account – 18 Oct 10 …………. .. £53,239.06
Paid in for W&DN 20 Sep 10 – 18 Oct 10………………. £1,633.00
Town Hall payments made:
V0660. W.A. Barnes – Survey for insurance valuation …………………£176.25
V0661. Swift – Intruder alarm …………………………………………...£802.50
Parish Council payments due:
V0662. Delivery of Warsop News ……….................................................£300.00
V0663. Petty Cash – stamps …………………..……………………….. £50.00
V0664. Design 2 – W&DN…………… ……………………………. £1,000.00
V0665. Mortons – W&DN …………… ………………………… …. £1,203.30
V0666. Christmas event …………………………………………… £1,000.00
V0667. Clement Keys – external audit ……………………………. £470.00
Town Hall payments due:
V0668. Fothermill Ltd – Decorating and repairs upstairs ………… £3, 055.00
V0669. MDC overpayment to Swift Intruder alarm ………………. £66.88
Agreed to pay

8484. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL - Cllr. Allin reported that there are 2 exhibitions planned for the future of Welbeck pit site: Cuckney Village Hall on 8th November and Meden Vale Village Hall on 9th November both 6pm-8pm, they will be advertised in the November edition of Warsop News, posters around the Parish and a leaflet drop to every household in Meden Vale. The cuts at County Council were discussed at length. However, he did have some good news regarding the recent transport survey, a lot of recommendations have been made for the Parish, Helen North will attend the next Parish Council meeting to go through them in detail.

8485. MANSFIELD DISTRICT COUNCIL – Cllr. Kerr, there is nothing to report as there has been no meetings.

8486. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Monday 15th November, 2010

Before closing the meeting the Chairman asked the Clerk to let everyone know about the Remembrance services. These will be advertised in the Warsop News.

Signed ………………………………. Date ……………………..
Chairman Warsop Parish Council

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