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Warsop Parish Council Meeting Minutes
Town Hall, Church Street
Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts.NG20 0AL
Tel: 01623 846011

email: tbarlow@warsop.gov.uk

MINUTES of the Emergency Parish Council meeting held on MONDAY, 8th NOVEMBER, 2010 at 5.30pm in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Market Warsop.

This emergency meeting was called by the Chairman in light of MDC’s recent announcement of the budget review which includes the closure of Meden Sports Centre.
Present: Cllrs. S. Moody (Chairman), E. Hill (Vice-Chair), D. Priest, A. Wetton (MDC) and Halina Kochanowski.
Apologies: Cllrs. P. Crawford, J. Kerr, S. Shields (Mansfield District Councillors), J. Allin (Nottinghamshire County Councillor) M. Ellis and J. Heald.
The minutes were taken by Eric Hill due to the Clerk being ill.

8487. DECLARATIONS BY MEMBERS OF PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTEREST - The Chairman drew the attention of Members to declare any personal or prejudicial interests related to agenda items.
Warsop Town Hall Management Group – Cllrs. S. Moody, J. Allin, P. Crawford, J. Kerr, S, Shields and H. Kochanowski
Warsop Carnival – E. Hill (Liaison)
CCTV – Cllr. J. Allin
Age Concern – Cllrs. J. Allin, P. Crawford, B. Smith and H. Kochanowski
WPRA – Cllrs. J. Kerr, P. Crawford.
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton
Meden Vale Community Association – Cllrs. J. Kerr and S. Shields
Warsop Vale Community Association – Cllrs. J. Kerr and S. Shields
Warsop Plough Jnr FC - Cllr. M. Ellis.
Market Warsop Players – Cllr. S. Moody.
Meden Vale the Future – Cllrs. J. Allin, J. Kerr and S. Shields
Warsop Footpaths & Countryside Group & Unit 2000 – Cllr. H. Kochanowski
Assoc of Labour Councillors – Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, S. Shields, D. Priest, J. Kerr P. Crawford and Stuart Moody.

8488. PROPOSED CLOSURE OF MEDEN SPORTS CENTRE - The Chairman opened the meeting with the synopsis of events and discussion took place as to the options available should MDC’s proposal become a reality. To increase the precept to keep the centre open was dismissed as this would be a huge increase in Council Tax for the Parish. It was decided after much debate that the Parish Council should not get involved at the moment but observe what happens in January when MDC’s budget is considered.

Signed ……………....................................... Date ………………………….
Chairman Stuart Moody



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