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Warsop Parish Council Meeting Minutes
Town Hall, Church Street
Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts.NG20 0AL
Tel: 01623 846011

7541. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 16th March 2009

7542. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 17th March 2008 were circulated and approved.

Approximately 80 people attended the meeting, which was chaired by Cllr. Marion Kavanagh, Chairman of Warsop Parish Council, she welcomed everyone to the meeting and opened it by introducing the Warsop Police Team, PCSO Karen Pride, Sgt. Carole Ostle, working for Mansfield Woodhouse and Warsop, and Warden Mark Dennis.

7543. Crime and Disorder
Karen and Carol gave a report on the problems in the Parish, the main issue being youth anti-social behaviour in Warsop Town Centre, on a Friday night, extra officers have been drafted in and the Warsop Team have been working every Friday night to try and combat the problem. The subject of dispersal orders was discussed and Insp. Sam Wilson is looking in to this. The effectiveness of CCTV, and the recent spate of burglaries was also discussed.

7544. The Chairman gave her report:
Yet again another very productive and busy year has passed for the Warsop Parish Council; our main reason for celebration is that we have successfully achieved the Quality Status. This means that we are recognised for our being competent and capable of taking on an enhanced role within the local communities, and being in touch with all community groups. This will also allow us to seek further funding direct from Government Office to make positive changes in the lives of all our Parishioners.

I am very pleased to report that again this year we have set a 0% precept, this reflects on our financially secure status, and is the third consecutive year that we have not increased it. We realise that we like everyone have to tighten our belts in the current financial climate.

One of the bigger projects that we have helped with this year is the Royal British Legion in their bid to re home the Warsop Vale Memorial to the new housing development. The memorial was cleaned and names of servicemen added, along with the new additional memorial stone at the cenotaph at Warsop Parish Church. This has been a very worthwhile project and it was long overdue, and we feel very proud to have been involved and able to help financially.

Again this year we have funded several local community groups with our Section 137 funding process which allows local groups a source of money for their projects. Groups that have applied this year include Carnival Committee, Market Warsop Players and The Royal British Legion.

The road improvements have now taken place and the interactive signs are now working, again this was the direct result of WPC working in conjunction with NCC, to improve the safety of our roads, and we will continue to ensure that existing traffic calming measures are reviewed and developed.

It has been a very big learning curve for me personally as the Chairman of the Warsop Parish Council, I feel very honoured to have been elected into this role, and I would like to take this opportunity say a huge thank you to all the Councillors for making this year not as nerve wracking as I thought it was going to be and for offering words of advise and support. I am about getting into the swing of things as its time to pass the chains over to the next Chairman, I have thoroughly enjoyed this year.

And finally I would like to thank Tania Barlow our Clerk to Parish for another smooth running year, who works very professional at all times and whom without we would not be in the very fortunate place of Quality status. Tania you are a star, and thanks again for all your hard work and commitment.

Cllr Marion Kavanagh
Warsop Parish Council

7545. Any Local Issue

Youth Council - Adrian Hardy talked about getting the Youth Council up and running again and asked if a Councillor would go with him to attend an assembly with year 7 students at Meden School on Friday afternoon, Cllr. Kerr agreed.

Town Hall – John Downie asked if the Town Hall is going to close?
Edwin Tattersall asked the Mayor of Mansfield, Tony Eggington to comment. The Mayor, representing Mansfield District Council gave his word that MDC will not close the Town Hall and that they intend to work closely in partnership to make it work. He said that grant monies would be made available and they will support the business plan that the Parish Council are to present at the end of March. He added that MDC are looking at moving the housing office from Sherwood Street into the Town Hall.

Cllr. Kerr explained that NCC have given up the lease on the building which is currently owned by Mansfield District Council but the Parish Council are putting together a business plan to take over the facility and preserve its future.

Lengthy discussions took place with residents and Parish Councillors.

Everyone present agreed that they did not want the Town Hall to close, some saying that it is a Civic building, part of our heritage, providing a much needed service, particularly with the adult learning courses and the drop-in sessions, the focal point of Warsop and a well used community facility.

The Town Hall also houses CAB, Credit Union, Family Employment Initiative, Police Surgeries and are looking to accommodate more facilities such as Registrar, Mini County Contact, MDC Payment Office and Housing Office, together with providing offices and/ or meeting rooms for community groups. Notts County Councillor John Allin told the meeting that any community groups who did move into the building could apply to Nottinghamshire County Council for grants.

Cllr. Kerr added, if all goes to plan, the Parish Council hope to take it on in September and will work in partnership with the District Council, County Council and community groups to make sure it is sustainable and does not put pressure on the Parish Council's budget.

Other issues the residents discussed included the dredging of the Mill Dam, the danger of children using the narrow lane on Burns Lane, the new traffic calming measures on Sherwood Street, the bridge on Mansfield Road which is still being hit by lorries, reducing the speed limit on the A60 coming into and out of Warsop.

The Parish Councillors discussed the issues, they will address them and try to implement measures to solve some of the problems being experienced by the parishioners.

The Chairman closed the meeting, thanking everyone for coming and for the positive response to keeping the Town Hall open.

Signed …………………………………… date ……………………………….
M. Kavanagh
Chairman of Warsop Parish Council

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