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Warsop Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 19th March 2007
Town Hall, Church Street
Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts.NG20 0AL
Tel: 01623 846011

MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 19th March, 2007 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Market Warsop after the Annual Parish Meeting.
Present: Cllrs. P. Crawford (Chairman), A. Wetton, (Mansfield District Councillor), S. Shields (Mansfield District Councillor) B. Smith, V. Jennings and D. Priest.
PC Paul Bacon, PCSO Dee Eyre, Wardens Mark Carrington and Sam Chapman, Adrian Hardy, Carnival Committee, Members of the public and CHAD Reporter.
Apologies for Absence: Cllrs. M. Kavanagh (Vice-Chair), J. Allin (Nottinghamshire County Councillor), R. Morton (Mansfield District Councillor), J. Kerr, L. Graham and D. Avison. Apologies noted and accepted.

7749. DECLARATIONS BY MEMBERS OF PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTEREST - The Chairman drew the attention of Members to the requirement for them to declare any personal or prejudicial interests related to agenda items. Declarations remain the same.
CCTV/Age Concern – Cllr. J. Allin, P. Crawford AC
Christmas Lights/Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton
Meden Vale 2000 – Cllrs. S. Shields, R. Morton, J. Kerr and V. Jennings
WAVES – Cllrs. J. Allin, R. Morton, S. Shields and M. Kavanagh
Friends of the Carrs - Cllr. L. Graham
Church Warsop Tenants & Residents Association/Meden Under 8’s - Cllr. M. Kavanagh.
Leicester Housing Association – Cllr. V. Jennings
Market Warsop Traders Association – Cllr. A. Wetton
Warsop in Bloom – Cllr. B. Smith
Warsop NMT – Cllr. J. Kerr
Assoc of Labour Councillors – Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, S. Shields and R. Morton.

7750. MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING - The minutes of the last Parish Council meeting, on Monday 19th February 2007, were circulated and accepted as a true record.

1. Adrian Hardy, Carnival Committee gave an update on progress of the Carnival and asked if any of the Councillors object to the Car Boot he also appealed for volunteers to help on the day.


7751. MATTERS ARISING OUT OF PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – Cllr. A. Wetton said that it is up to the Carnival Committee to decide what events they want to organise for Carnival day and a car boot may work, he wished the new committee all the best for a successful Carnival. Cllr. V. Jennings commented that from a personal view he did not think the car boot was a good idea, the Carnival has always been about charity for local groups. No other comments were made.

7752. CRIME AND DISORDER – PC Bacon gave an update highlighting the success with youth anti-social behaviour on Friday nights in the town centre, for the first time last Friday there were no calls at all. With regard to motorcycle nuisance, they are continuing to work with the Motorcycle Team with good results. With the recent fatal accident, the police are looking for funding to get cycles fitted with lights, every pupil at Meden School will be sent a letter highlighting the dangers of riding a bicycle without lights, helmets and reflective clothing. He agreed that there should be a course of action for people not riding pedal bikes safely with the introduction of fixed penalty notices. PC Bacon commented on the speed humps and told Mr. Dodman he would have his support for interactive lights as an alternative traffic calming measure as they are proving to be very affective. The Chairman thanked the Warsop Police Team for all their hard work and commitment to the community. Cllr. S. Shields thanked Dee and Mark for giving up their time to help with the painting of Meden Vale village hall.

Spion Kop – Letter received from the Planning Inspectorate the housing development application has been withdrawn and the public enquiry cancelled

Between 11th January 2007 – 2nd February 2007
Land adj to Clumber Villa – outline planning for 4 dwellings
Land off Cherry Grove – approval of reserved matters applic. For 2 dwellings
46 Birkland Avenue – ground floor rear extension for disabled use.
Warsop Sporting Trust, Sookholme Rd – signs
40 Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop – extensions
4 Burns Lane, Warsop – Resubmission for consent to display illuminated signage
3 Eastlands Lane – replacement rear conservatory granted with conditions
Discussions took place regarding the Spion Kop development.

7754. SWIMMING BATHS – A special meeting was held on 14th March at St. Teresa’s Church Hall to discuss Mansfield District Council’s Leisure Strategy, The Chair said that the meeting did not address the closing of Meden Baths or the need for public consultation.

7755. TREES, ROBIN HOOD AVENUE – Network Rail have completed the removal of the trees but still need to clear debris and repair fencing, this will be done soon. Cllr. A. Wetton commented that the majority of residents are satisfied that the trees have been taken out altogether instead of pruning, with a few exceptions. The Parish Council have continually pressured Network Rail to do something about the trees blocking out the light to residents’ back gardens since receiving many complaints in June 2005 at one point Network Rail flatly refused to do anything at all, so the Parish Council continued the fight, getting support from John Mann MP and they final agreed to take the trees out. Cllr. B. Smith advised most of the residents and got a positive response from them.

7756. TOWN HALL – A meeting took place with NCC, MDC and WPC to look at the future of the Town Hall, NCC definitely no longer want to hold over the lease and MDC are looking at the possibility of making it a “One Stop Shop” Christina White, MDC asked for a list of organisations who use the building, The Clerk will ask Halina, The Centre Manager to email a list to MDC. NCC now need to put their intentions in writing to MDC and WPC to be kept informed of any developments. Christina also asked the Parish Council to send a letter in detailing their intensions and requirements for the Council Chamber etc.

7757. WARSOP CEMETERY – The Clerk and the Registrar of Cemeteries are continuing with the monitoring of complaints which will probably start again when the grass is cut.

7758. WARSOP AND DISTRICT NEWS - The Clerk told the meeting that the April edition of the Warsop & District News is almost completed and that a review of costing for the design of the paper had been discussed and recommended by the F&GP Working Party and an agreement had been made with Karen Searson. Thanks were given to both Tania and Karen for all their hard work and continuing success of the paper. Cllr. S. Shields commented that Karen had saved the Parish Council a lot of money by designing the paper at a reduced rate in the past but now the paper was standing on its own two feet it could afford to pay a proper rate. The Clerk told the meeting she had increased the advertising rates slightly starting with the May edition, this would be the first increase for 5 years but would ensure that the paper continue to support itself with the new costings.

The Chairman told the meeting that the Parish Council Elections will be on the 3rd May, it is hoped that Stuart Moody, Sandra Taylor and Mike Trinder will be standing. It has been confirmed by NALC that 80% need to be elected in order to obtain Quality Status. A letter has been received from Cllr. R. Morton, that he will not be standing again due to the illness of his wife. Cllr. B. Smith suggested that a letter of thanks be sent to Bob for all his hard work.

Lloyds TSB Current Account – 19 Mar 07 …………….. £5,103.15
Lloyds TSB Premier Account – 19 Mar 07 ………… ….. £28,471.09
Paid in for W&DN 20 Feb 07 – 19 Mar 07………………… £710.00
It was agreed unanimously that the following accounts be paid
a. Cash – Delivery of W&DNews – Apr Edition …….. £240.00
b. Cash – Postage …………………………………….. £40.00
c. Mortons Print – W&DNews – Apr Edition ………… £1061.00
d. Design2 – W&DN Apr Edition ……………………. £480.00
e. Zurich Municipal insurance renewal ………………. £555.29
f. County Supplies – Stationary for Youth Council ….. £85.19
g. WPRA – Admin support for Youth Council ………. £46.00
h. Hartwood – wireless connection for Wardens laptop £32.34
i. NCC – Office rent ………………………………… £562.50
j. Design 2 – increase till Sept 07….………………… £800.00

7761. MEDEN VALLEY MAKING PLACES – Each member received a copy of an
update. Cllr. B. Smith congratulated the work of MVMP.

7762. MEDEN VALE 2000 – Minutes received for information only.

7763. WPRA/TOWN CENTRE GROUP – Minutes received for information only.

7764. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL – In the absence of Cllr. J. Allin there was no report.

7765. MANSFIELD DISTRICT COUNCIL – Cllr. A. Wetton reported that there would be a O% increase in MDC’s precept and the same for Parish’s precept.

The date of the next full council meeting was set for Monday 16th April 2007 and the next Finance and General Purposes Working Party meeting would be Wednesday 21st March 5pm.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.

Signed ………………………………. Date ……………………..
Chairman Warsop Parish Council

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