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Warsop Annual Parish Meeting Minutes - 15th October 2007
Town Hall, Church Street
Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts.NG20 0AL
Tel: 01623 846011

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 15th October 2007 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Market Warsop.

Present: Cllrs. J. Kerr, (Chairman), M. Kavanagh (Vice-Chair), J. Allin (Nottinghamshire County Councillor), S. Shields (Mansfield District Councillor), P. Crawford (Mansfield District Councillor), S. Moody, B. Smith, D. Priest and E. Hill
Members of the Public, Warsop Policing Team, Representatives of Warsop Road Safety Group and CHAD Reporter.

Apologies for Absence: Cllrs. A. Wetton, (Mansfield District Councillor), B. Lilley (Mansfield District Councillor) and J. Heald.

PC Bacon and Neighbourhood Wardens.
Apologies noted and accepted.

7889. DECLARATIONS BY MEMBERS OF PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTEREST - The Chairman drew the attention of Members to the requirement for them to declare any personal or prejudicial interests related to agenda items. Cllr. E. Hill has joined the Carnival committee as Church Warsop, Warsop Vale & Spion Kop Liaison. Declarations have been changed.
Warsop Carnival – Cllrs. S. Moody, S. Shields and E. Hill
CCTV/Age Concern – Cllrs. J. Allin and P. Crawford (AC)
Warsop Town Centre Action Group/Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton
Warsop Town Centre Action Group – Cllr.B. Lilley
Meden Vale 2000 – Cllrs. S. Shields and J. Kerr.
Meden Under 8’s - Cllr. M. Kavanagh.
Warsop NMT – Cllrs. J. Kerr, S. Moody, B. Lilley
Meden Vale the Future – Cllrs. J. Allin and S. Shields
Assoc of Labour Councillors – Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, S. Shields, D. Priest, J. Kerr and Stuart Moody

7890. MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING - The minutes of the last Parish Council meeting, on Monday 17th September 2007, were circulated and accepted as a true record.

The Chairman did not close the meeting as members of the public did not wish to speak. He handed out questionnaires regarding the proposed Post Office Closures and told the meeting that a public meeting had been arranged for 20th October at Age Concern 10am-1pm.

7891. CRIME AND DISORDER – The Chairman read out an email from a Parishioner regarding the youth anti-social behaviour at Meden Vale which is getting worse. PCSO’s Dee Eyre and Karen Pride gave an update on the situation at Meden Vale and reported that they were taking positive action to combat the problem with the Mansfield Mobile Neighbourhood Team to be present for the next 4 Friday evenings to give a greater presence and to issue tickets. PCSO Karen Pride said that the application for the dispersal order for the whole of the Parish has been applied for. The Road Safety Team are bringing Speedwatch to the Parish next month. The dark nights and colder weather are bringing youth anti-social behaviour back on High Street. Cllr. E. Hill asked if Warsop has a lot of trouble, Karen replied that it was more the intimidation factor than actual crime.

7892. WARSOP ROAD SAFETY GROUP – Cllr. J. Allin reported that a meeting has been arranged to discuss speed humps on Monday 29th October at Age Concern at 5pm, The Chairman asked if he could be present and if he could invite PC Bacon, Cllr. J. Allin replied that it would alright for them to be present. Discussion took place regarding the reasons the speed humps were put in, Cllr. B. Smith gave the figures on accidents that took place between 1995-1999 and Cllr. E. Hill recalls a family who lost their son asking that speed humps be put in.

7893. WARSOP TOWN HALL – Cllr. J. Allin reported that he has had talks with the Mayor regarding the future of the Town Hall, he is interested in it becoming the centre focal point in Warsop and is looking at transferring the housing offices from Sherwood Street and knocking down the buildings at the side with proposals to putting a lift on the outside. However, until NCC return the building back to MDC nothing can be done, once they have given notice to quit the Mayor would like to visit the Town Hall and meet with Councillors.

7894. PLANNING & APPLICATIONS - received up to 28th September 2007
a. Mount Pleasant – conservatory
b. 13 St Peters Ave – Erection of 1.8m high fence
c. Land off Cherry Grove – approval of reserved matters 2 bungalows
d. Garage site, Caunton Close, Meden Vale – outline for 3 terraced houses
e. 165 Egmanton Road – conservatory
Decisions – received up to 28th September 2007
a. 37 Titchfield Street – 1st floor extension & conservatory
No comments were made.

7895. GLEADTHORPE FARM – Cllr. J. Allin reported that it has gone back to Defra and they are selling off all their experimental farms. The tenants will have the option to carry on renting or buying their properties. It is no longer an experimental husbandry farm and there have been several interested parties in the sale.

7896. WARSOP CEMETERY – The Chairman reported that improvements have been made and it is looking a lot better, a meeting is being arranged with Sally Curtis on the 1st November to discuss further improvements.

7897. MEDEN BATHS – Until MDC announce their leisure strategy and NCC have the plans for the new school, the project can not move forward. Cllr. B. Smith suggested that it be removed from the agenda until there is something to report.

7898. WARSOP AND DISTRICT NEWS – The Clerk reported that the November edition was almost finished and the Warsop Community Panto would feature on the front page. She told the meeting of an MDC scheme to promote local businesses by paying for their 1st advert if they commit to 3 more adverts, several businesses have signed up to the scheme and with more new businesses moving into Warsop it is envisaged at more will take up the scheme which runs till March 2008.

7899. WARSOP NMT & YOUTH COUNCIL – Nothing to report as there is no meeting this month There are 4 items to be addressed on the Action Plan. The Youth Council is in the process of getting new members and hope to meet soon.

7900. MEDEN VALE 2000 – Minutes received for information only.

7901. WPRA/TOWN CENTRE GROUP – Minutes received for information only.

7902. WARSOP AREA ASSEMBLY – Minutes received for information only.

7903. MEDEN VALLEY MAKING PLACES – The Clerk showed the proposed layout for the new green space and play area at Warsop Vale, the public consultation has taken place with the main suggestion being for the play area to be move to the opposite end. Bellway have commented that to move it to the opposite end would get it built quicker.

7904. FINANCE AND GENERAL PURPOSES WORKING PARTY – The Chairman gave a report of the meeting commented that the budget was on target and looking healthy, the working party recommended that it be approved, it was approved unanimously.
RESOLVED: The half year budget approved.
A licence needs to be applied for the Christmas event and the Chairman suggested a generic licence be applied for to cover events for the whole year. Cllr. P. Crawford will look into this.

Lloyds TSB Current Account – 15 Oct 07 …………… £5,120.80
Lloyds TSB Premier Account – 15 Oct 07 ………… £35,279.25
Paid in for W&DN 18 Sep 07 – 15 Oct 07 …………… £1, 248.00
It was agreed unanimously that the following accounts be paid
V0373. Ken Jackson Joinery – repair to desk …………… £15.00
V0374. Delivery of Warsop News ………........................ £240.00
V0375. Petty Cash – stamps …………………..………… £40.00
V0376. Design 2 – W&DN Nov edition ………………… £800.00
V0377. Mortons W&DN Nov edition ……………………£1,061.00
V0378. NCC office rent July-Sept07 & photocopying …… £653.94

7906. QUALITY STATUS – Cllr. S. Moody gave an update after a meeting with The Clerk to go through the tests required and have made a start with the gathering of evidence, once the Annual Return is received back from the Auditor the next test can be completed.

7907. AUDIT REVIEW – The F&GP Working Party recommended that Barrie Woodcock remain as our Internal Auditor. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed.

7908. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL – Cllr. J. Allin gave a report that the footpath with lights along Sookholme Lane up to the Cricket Club will be staring soon and traffic lights at the junction onto the A60. Warsop Library will be refurbished in the New Year and will be closed whilst the work takes place. The 30mph speed limit will be in place soon from the Windmill down to the bridge. Discussions about improvements to the area around the Parliament Oak with information boards have taken place. Eastlands Lane Junction/A60 will not be controlled by traffic lights and the situation with Cuckney Hill could be addressed when the developer has built the new houses with the access road coming out onto the A60. The Chairman will still arrange a site meeting with PC Bacon, Roger Dodman and the Highways Manager regarding the junction. The Chairman suggested that a piece be put in the next edition of the Warsop News asking if anyone had been involved in an accident at the junction in the past two years, so we can get an idea of actual facts and figures.

7907. MANSFIELD DISTRICT COUNCIL – Cllr. S. Shields reported that a questionnaire has been sent out regarding the Post Office closures. Work is being done down by the river and the dead trees are being taken out. Cllr. P. Crawford read out an email from Tim Downes regarding section 106 monies for the former Royal Estate which confirmed that the funding for the new Multi Use Games Area on Carr Lane has been allocated and they are awaiting quotations.

7908. DATE OF NEXT MEETING - Monday 19th November, 2007.

The Chairman called an emergency Finance meeting for tomorrow evening before thanking everyone for attending and closing the meeting.

Signed ………………………………. Date ……………………..
Chairman Warsop Parish Council

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