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Warsop Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 17th October 2005
Town Hall
Church Street
Notts NG20 0AL
01623 846011

MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 17th October, 2005 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Market Warsop at 18.30 hours.
Present: Cllrs. J. Kerr (Chairman), P. Crawford (Vice-Chairman), J. Allin (Nottinghamshire County Councillor), S. Shields (Mansfield District Councillor), B. Smith, V. Jennings and L. Graham.

Neighbourhood Wardens, Insp Sam Wilson, Mr. Charlie French, Welbeck Cricket Club, Mr. Stephen Jackson, MDC Meden Valley Town Centre Programme and a CHAD reporter.
Apologies for Absence: Cllrs. A. Wetton, (Mansfield District Councillor), D. Avison, R. Morton (Mansfield District Councillor), D. Priest and M. Kavanagh. Apologies noted and accepted.

The Chairman drew the attention of Members to the requirement for them to declare any personal or prejudicial interests related to agenda items.
CCTV/Age Concern - Cllr. J. Allin
Christmas Lights/Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton
Meden Vale 2000 - Cllrs. S. Shields, R. Morton, J. Kerr and V. Jennings
Warsop and Villages Enterprise Society WAVES - Cllrs. J. Allin, R. Morton, S. Shields and M. Kavanagh
Friends of the Carrs - Cllr. L. Graham
Church Warsop Tenants & Residents Association/Meden Under 5's - Cllr. M. Kavanagh.
Leicester Housing Association - Cllr. V. Jennings
Market Warsop Traders Association - Cllr. A. Wetton
Warsop in Bloom - Cllr. B. Smith
Association of Labour Councillors - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, S. Shields and R. Morton.

Minutes for the Parish Council meeting Monday, 19th September, 2005 - The Clerk reported a mistake - the Premier Account should have read £11,618.62. On correction they were accepted as a true record. Cllr. J. Allin referred to the last item before the Chairman closed the meeting and reported that the burst water pipe was repaired the next day.

The Chairman closed the meeting.
He introduced and welcomed Mr. Charlie French from Welbeck Colliery Cricket Club who gave a short talk on his plans for a new cricket ground with 2 pitches and other sports facilities on land near the Hostess, he has been grant planning permission and hopes that the project will be completed in time for the 2007 cricket season. He showed members a plan of the proposed site and told the meeting that he is already talking to all the schools in our area. He then answered questions from Councillors. The Chairman thanked Charlie for coming, wished him every success and said that any project that encourages young people to excel in sports is a good one and should be well supported.
The Chairman then introduced and welcomed Stephen Jackson from Mansfield District Council's Meden Valley Town Centre Programme. Stephen addressed the meeting telling members he is newly in post taking over from Joanna Favill, there is funding available for Warsop and Meden Vale and he would like to hear about any projects that he may help with. Cllr. John Allin said that projects would be brought to the Town Centre Group meeting.


The Wardens reported that they are having a problem with fly-tipping on the Royal Estate and are working in partnership with the Litter Enforcement Officer. Fires are also causing problems on the Royal Estate and a group of teenagers are causing a lot of trouble at the Catholic Church, the wardens are working closely with the Police to disperse the group. Motorcycle nuisance is also being dealt with by the Police.
The Chairman thanked the Wardens and reported to the meeting that a letter had been sent to Andre Calamari praising our Wardens and the reply was handed to each member. The Wardens thanked the Parish Council for their support.
The Chairman introduced and welcomed Insp. Sam Wilson to the meeting. She gave a talk on the difficulties of staffing and how she intends to go forward with the policing of the Parish. She told the meeting that she had just received authority to take on another Beat Manager, PC Skevington is already in Warsop, PC Booler already covers Church Warsop and Meden Vale but the new one will cover Meden Vale, leaving PC Booler to concentrate on Church Warsop, together with 5 Officers and a car being stationed at Mansfield Woodhouse, this should make it more difficult for them all to be called back to Mansfield, hopefully leaving some cover in the Parish. She also explained that she had not been able to replace our PCSO as 1st and 2nd candidates had turned down the job but she was in the process of offering it to someone else. PC Andy Smith will not return to Warsop until he has gained some experience but an experienced Officer will be stationed at Warsop. Clyde Derbyshire has left, PC Sarah North is still on sick leave but hopes to return to duty soon. Insp. Wilson said she could not understand why no-one has seen the 5 Specials as they have been given duties in Warsop, the Wardens reported seeing 2 of them on the Royal Estate in the week. She assured the meeting that she would try her best to get Warsop Parish adequately policed, changes will be made with Wardens, PCSO's and the Police working together. Cllr. J. Allin asked what had happened to the Police Motorbike, Insp. Wilson said she would find out. Members said that they are still receiving complaints that the Station is not manned when it should be.
Insp. Wilson confirmed that Warsop Police Station is open 10am-2pm and the only time it is not manned is if Wendy, the receptionist is on leave or off sick. She ended her talk saying that she would keep in touch with the Clerk on a regular basis of any progress and would ask that the Clerk report back to her if there are anymore issues.

a. Park Hall Veterinary Centre - Barn Conversion to dwelling
b. 23 Oakfield Lane - Outline for dwelling on land opposite
c. Spion Kop - Resubmission - plans available
d. 4 Meden Glen - New pitched roof over garage
e. 39a High Street - New Image - new shop front
f. Bishops Walk/Church Road - Felling of 3 trees
g. 10 High St - Change of use retail to foot health practice
Cllr. J. Allin suggested that a letter be sent to MDC Planning Department in support of the proposed residential development at Spion Kop.

The Chairman reported that the questionnaires had been collected in but the response was disappointing with a return of only 5%. All the schools have sent in letters of support and these along with the questionnaire analysis will be presented to Mansfield District Council at a meeting with Portfolio Holder Cllr. Eddie Smith to be held at the Swimming Baths on 10th November. The overall view of the public is that they do not want the baths to close but would like to see it refurbished.

The Clerk reported that she had sent a chase letter but had received no reply.

The Clerk reported that no reply had yet again been received from Elizabeth Sanders. Cllr. J. Allin will pursue the matter and report to the next meeting.

Cllr. J. Allin explained that Mansfield District Council are to use an old children's play area as their stock yard to store materials to upgrade all their houses in Warsop. The members agreed there was little that can be done by the Parish Council as the land is owned by MDC but they felt that they should have advised us of their intentions. A letter to MDC should be sent asking for a site meeting, to be kept informed of all developments and request that a new play area be built when the houses have been finished.

The Chairman reported that the Cenotaph has been cleaned by WAVES Home Maintenance, free of charge and all members agreed they have done an excellent job.
The Clerk reported that the Remembrance Sunday parade will start at 10.55am from Carr Lane on 13th November with The Welbeck Estates Band marching with the parade. The electric will be supplied from the church for the sound system.

The Vice-Chairman gave a report on the site meeting which took place on 11th October present were, Cllr. Danny McCrossan, Portfolio Holder from Mansfield District Council, Sally Field, Registrar for Cemeteries, David Hewes, MDC Parks Department, Cllrs. P. Crawford, J. Allin, S. Shields and the Clerk. It was a positive meeting with various issued being looked into, one being the Parish Council taking over the maintenance of the Cemetery using the budget set aside for Warsop Cemetery from MDC monies. The Clerk is to put the suggestion in writing to MDC. Cllr. J. Allin suggested that WAVES could take the over the maintenance as they have two ride on mowers with grass collectors and already offer a gardening service in the Parish, as a community based company it would make sense to use them.

The November edition is ready to go to print, the front page will feature the War Memorial and there are lots of new adverts this month.

As time was limited the Chairman deferred discussion of the half year budget review to a Finance and General Working Party Meeting on Wednesday at 5.30pm to be brought back to the next full council meeting. The Vice-Chairman as Financial Officer would also like to discuss the Clerk's salary and terms and conditions as laid down by NALC at the F&GP meeting. The second half of the precept of £21,228.00 is to be paid into account on 20th October and recharge figure due for £11,816.34 by 25th October - Agreed to pay when money transferred. V0212

Lloyds TSB Current Account - 17 Oct 05 ………… £4,210.70
Lloyds TSB Premier Account - 17 0ct 05 ………… £11,652.82

Paid in for W&DN from 20/9/05 - 17/10/05 ………... £1,535.00

It was agreed, unanimously, that the following accounts would be paid:
V0213 Design 2 Studios Warsop News - Oct Edition ………… £480.00
V0214 Mortons Printers Warsop News - Oct Edition ……. £1,061.00
V0215 Delivery of W&DN - Nov Edition ……………………. £180.00
V0216 Cash - Postage …………………………………….. £40.00
V0217 NCC - Office rent July-Sept ……………………… £562.50
V0218. County Supplies - Stationery …………………….. £85.96

The Clerk reported that she was still trying to arrange a meeting but staff at MVMP have been on annual leave and it would be the end of October before they could arrange anything.

7460. MEDEN VALE 2000 - Minutes were circulated to all members for information.

7461. WARSOP AREA ASSEMBLY - Minutes were circulated to all members for information.

7462. WPRA/TOWN CENTRE GROUP - Minutes were circulated to all members for information.

Cllr. J. Allin reported that there were 7 new projects submitted to the BBC initiative for the next round of funding and he will bring the details back to the next full council meeting. The Vice-Chairman asked Cllr. Allin if he would find out what had happened to Gordon Albery's report on Highways issues in the Parish and report back to the next full council meeting. Cllr. J. Allin reported that he had attended a meeting about the road humps and alterative traffic calming measures were being considered but there is a question of funding.

Cllr. S. Shields reported that new licensing had taken up a lot of time and as far as she could remember the only pub in Warsop to extend their licensing hours is the Hare & Hounds till midnight. A letter had copied to each member from Ruth Marlow the new Managing Director of MDC taking over from Richard Goad, Chief Executive who has recently retired. Cllr. J. Allin suggested that a letter be sent thanking Richard for all his hard work.

Monday 21st November, 2005

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.30pm

Signed …………………………………… Dated ……………………
Chairman Warsop Parish Council

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