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Warsop Parish Council Meeting Minutes - Monday 28th April 2003

Warsop Parish Council
Town Hall
Church Street
Notts NG20 0AL
01623 846011

MINUTES of the Annual Parish meeting held on Monday 28th April 2003 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Market Warsop at 18.30 hours.

Present: Cllrs. J. Allin, (also Chairman of Mansfield District Council) Acting Chair, B. Smith, (also Nottinghamshire County Councillor), D. Priest, D. Avison, R. Morton, S. Shields and C. Avison.

Apologies for Absence: Cllrs. A. Wetton - Chairman, (also Mansfield District Councillor) C. Moon, E. Wright, V. Jennings and H. Scott

Also Present: Jude Burgess from SureStart
Andy van Vliet, Mansfield District Council for SureStart
Reporter from the CHAD
Members of the Public

The Chairman drew the attention of Members to the requirement for them to declare any Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary Interests related to Agenda items.

CCTV/Warsop Landmark (NP) - Cllr. J. Allin
Warsop Footpaths & Countryside Group/Warsop Landmark/WEA Warsop Branch (NP)/Meden Valley Partnership (P) Cllr. C. Avison
Christmas Lights/Welbeck Colts/Warsop Carnival (NP) Cllr. A. Wetton
Warsop Landmark (NP) - Cllr. C. Moon
Meden Vale 2000 (NP) - Cllrs. S. Shields and R. Morton
Warsop Carnival Committee (NP) - Cllr. D. Avison
Meden Money Tree Credit Union (P) Cllrs. C. Avison and C. Moon
Warsop and Villages Enterprise Society WAVES (NP) - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, C. Moon and B. Smith

The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 17th March were accepted as a true record. With regard to the minutes for the Parish Council meeting Cllr. B. Smith asked that the clerk change the minutes to report that he mentioned the reduction in accidents since traffic calming. After this amendment, minutes of the meeting held on Monday 17th March could be accepted as a true record.

The Chairman welcomed and introduced two guest speakers: Jude Burgess, SureStart and Andy van Vliet, Urban Regeneration Project Assistant for Mansfield District Council.

Jude Burgess presented an information pack to members and the public giving information about SureStart. She gave a talk detailing what SureStart are all about and what they hope to achieve in Warsop by working closely with the community involving parents in and around Warsop. She stated that it is a Government backed project for 10 years.

Andy van Vliet handed out plans for the SureStart building pointing out that there are plans in the Community Notice Board outside the Town Hall. He reported that the planning application had gone in today but he hadn't yet been informed of the outcome. The building will include a Creche, offices, training room, play room and outdoor play area, there would also be a nursery facility working with Shaping Futures who would develop the nursery provision. It will be a stone faced building, in keeping with existing buildings. Building work will hopefully commence mid September 2003 to be fully operational by March 2004. Andy van Vliet thanked the Parish Council for their contribution to the Town Centre Improvements.

Cllr. D. Avison asked if there would be a drop-in centre for mothers. Jude Burgess answered that they would look into this and any other suggestions as they wanted to provide facilities for parents that are actually needed by the community.

Cllr. B. Morton was disappointed that Meden Vale are not seen to be included in this project. Cllr. J. Allin assured him that Meden Vale children and parents would be most welcome to use the facilities. Jude Burgess also assured that although the centre will be in Warsop they have looked at using outposts and a community minibus to bring people into Warsop.

Cllr. C. Avison asked what will happen in the new building. Jude Burgess replied there would be a nursery, a crèche for up to 26 children, speech therapy sessions then various programmes would be introduced, for example, health eating classes, parenting classes, but again it would depend on the demand.

Cllr. B. Smith asked about the existing facilities in Warsop, Meden Under 5's. Jude Burgess assured him that they are already working with Meden Under 5's and will continue to work with them not against them.

Member of the public John Kerr asked if this is a free service. Jude Burgess replied yes.

Member of the public Bob Middleton raised concerns about the outside play area being adequately fenced off because of the busy road and about exhaust fumes. Andy van Vliet commented that whilst this was not the best site in the world it is the best site in Warsop. Cllr. C. Avison also added that exhaust fumes are monitored from the Town Hall and have acceptable levels.

Member of the public Derek Downie asked if the people of Warsop will have to pay for this facility. Jude Burgess confirmed that they would not have to pay for 10 years after that there may be a possibility, but felt that the project would create much needed jobs in the area.

Cllr. C. Avison stated that he was very excited about the project and asked if the railings could be made more decorative. He also suggested that funding be found to bring Meden Vale into the project. He asked why speech therapy would be included. Jude Burgess answered that language development has changed over the years and children needed to be spoken to more to develop their speech/language skills as this seems to be a problem in young children.

Member of the public Bob Middleton asked about the Car Park for 15 Spaces, how many spaces would be taken from the existing car park on High Street. Andy van Vliet replied 4.

The Chairman thanked them for their presentation.

The meeting was adjourned to allow members of the public to speak, the points raised were:

1. Letter re: Public Participation from Derek Downie - item on agenda under correspondence.
2. Regarding the road humps - Derek Downie stated that the only figures being realeased quoting reductions in accidents are from May 2002 - Sept 2002. As the traffic calming has been implemented since May 2001 figures should be released for the period May 2001 to April 2002. He also stated that accident rates have increased for this period.
3. Concerns about the unloading and loading of the Bargain Booze lorries were made due to the lorries parking on the corner of Clumber Street and Sherwood Street.
4. Is the rumour true about Warsop Police Station closing.
5. Concerns were raised about loose pavers on the town centre improvements.
6. A resident on Bainbridge Road is very concerned about the amount of drug dealing,
cars parked without tax discs and motorbikes racing along Bainbridge Road. He has spoken to Mansfield District Council and the Police about his concerns but has not received any satisfactory answers. He added that drug dealers are coming from all over the area to deal here.
7. A resident on Day Street confirmed these concerns and asked why there were no police on the beat in this area.
8. A suggestion was made that Public Participation and the replies from the Parish Council from the meetings be published in the Warsop & District News.
9. General concerns were made that crime is on the increase in our area.

As there were no more members of the public wishing to speak, The Chairman closed Public Participation.


a. 10 Forest Road, Warsop - Carport to side, single storey extension and conservatory
b. Land adjacent to 40 Appleton Street, Warsop - Details of facing bricks and boundary fencing
c. The Old School House, Carter Lane, Warsop Vale - Detached garage to rear
d. No. 2 Moorfield Cottages, Bishops Walk, Church Warsop - Application for listed building consent for the erection of a 'sky minidish'
e. 4 Dronley Drive, Church Warsop - Two storey side extension
f. 21 Little John Avenue, Warsop - Two storey side extension Planning Applications received after agenda completed:
59 Hamiliton Drive, Warsop Single storey side/rear extension.
59 High Street, Warsop Two storey and single storey rear extensions and detached garage to rear.

The only comments made were by Cllr. C. Avison that the erection of the sky minidish on the listed building be carefully sited and suggest a letter to Mansfield District Council Planning.

1. To be answered in correspondence.
2. Cllr. B. Smith will obtain the accident figures for the next meeting.
3. Cllr. D. Avison stated that he has already spoken to the owner of Bargain Booze and was told that the lorries cannot unload at the rear of the premises when the car park is full as there are 2 trees in the way of the only space left. Cllr. C. Avison suggested that a look at the planning application for the conditions of loading and unloading. The Chairman suggested a letter to Bargain Booze and to the Police. Cllr D. Priest suggested an application for unloading times.
4. Cllr. B. Smith attended a meeting with talks of closing the Police Station but was told a decision has not yet been made. Cllr. D. Priest called in at the Police Station yesterday and was told it would close on 1st May. The Chairman also called in Warsop Police Station this morning and was told a decision had not yet been made but was to be made on 1st May. Cllr. D. Priest has a meeting with Superintendent Khan tomorrow and will take all the questions regarding the Policing in Warsop with him, including:
Why is there no Police presence over the weekend?
Does the introduction of CCTV mean less Police?
Why are local Stations closing?

The Chairman felt it necessary to write a letter to Superintendent Khan with a copy to Inspector David Shardlow detailing all the concerns about the crime situation in our Parish and ask for a Police Officer to be present at all our Parish Council meetings in the future.

Cllr. C. Avison suggested a Crime and Disorder session should feature at all future meetings. He also suggested that should the Police Station close, could a surgery be provided in another building in Warsop and what will happen to the Police Station.

Cllr. D. Priest was concerned that people would have to travel to Mansfield to present documents.

5. New loose pavers. The Chairman has had several complains regarding loose pavers and has been told by the contractors that they need time to settle, any still loose after the settle time will be re-pointed. There is still concerns about the movement of traffic but Cllr. J. Allin asked again for people to wait until the project is finished, then we will see if there are any problems. Cllr. C. Avison suggested information boards explaining about the rocking of the pavers, the settling period and that extra care be taken until the work is finished.

6. Bainbridge Road - Cllr. C. Avison stated that problem families moving out of the Royal Estate are being moved onto Bainbridge Road. Private Landlords are a problem, having a regular movement of tenants and not vetting them. Not enough is being done about the drugs problem. Cllr. S. Shields suggested that Mansfield District Council should be vetting their tenants. Cllr. D. Avison also reported that the
road humps on Bainbridge Road are not effective with the drug dealers speeding to get away quickly, these humps need replacing with something more effective. He suggested to the residents that they take car registration numbers and keep records of the comings and goings to report to the Police. The chairman suggested a letter to Mansfield District Council about the anti-social behaviour and about the drugs situation to the Police. Cllr C. Avison also suggested a residents association be formed and that the Parish Council help set up a group.

The Chairman allowed Member of the Public John Hibbert to speak. He said that this is not an option as people are too frightened to do anything without the support of the Police.

The Chairman reassured him that the Parish Council would do everything to help and would provide funding. Cllr. B. Smith finished by saying that we really need to talk to the Police. The Chairman said that Sgt. Ackers should have been present to answer questions. The Clerk had spoken to Sgt. Ackers regarding the meeting and what would be discussed and he assured her he would be present.

7. Concerns from the resident on Day Street have been answered above.

8. The Chairman said it would be possible to print Public Participation and Councillors replies in the Warsop News, this could be done at the discretion of the Editor.

9. There is a general concern that crime is on the increase in Warsop and Meden Vale and this needs to be addressed.


The Clerk reported that there is now a regular income from advertising of £1,400 per month but is still striving to get more advertisers. The new deliverer of Meden Vale has finished so a new reliable deliver needs to be found, the Clerk does not envisage a problem with this.

Cllr. J. Allin reported that once SureStart had their planning application accepted the money would be paid back to the Parish Council.

Cllr. B. Smith pointed out that there is to be a major resurfacing programme for the Mansfield area and will include A6075 Peafield Lane (Warsop Windmill to Bridge). He attended the public meeting held at the Legion recently with the residents of the Royal Estate and the main feature was the overwhelming support to re-open Wood Street, there are still no definite plans whether it will be a full re-opening or partial re-opening.

Cllr J. Allin Suggested that a meeting be arranged with Peter Thom to come and have a look around Warsop at various problems including Woodland Grove - pavements, Forest Road/Blakeley Lane - road crumbling and Peafield Lane - road crumbling. Cllr. B. Smith added that he should also look at the road from the bridge to the Tip.

Cllr. R. Morton raised concern about the parking outside the Doctors surgery in Meden Vale as the surgery is very busy now, double parking is becoming a serious problem and he suggested double yellow lines on one side. Cllr. D. Avison agreed that there are not enough parking facilities for the surgery and asked if some of the land at the side could be used to extend the car park.

Minutes were not available.

6876. MEDEN VALE 2000
Minutes were circulated to all members and no comments were made.

Cllr. R. Morton is concerned with the amount of drug dealers in the village, the residents in the old peoples centre are too frightened to come out as they are being threatened. More motorbikes and electric scooters are racing around and there is no Police presence.

6878. CCTV
Cllr. D. Avison would like to see the CCTV extended down Carr Lane down to the river to encourage people to walk down this area. There are
lots of children that use this area with the Skatepark and the ATC and they should be protected. Cllr. B. Smith asked that we find out the crime figures for CCTV, how effective is it? Cllr. C. Avison stated that under the Crime and Disorder Act, the Parish Council should receive regular crime figures from the Police and should have regular meetings. The Clerk was asked to include all these concerns in the letter to Superintendent Khan and also write to Kath Bannister in the CCTV Room for a full evaluation.

a. Letter from Mr. D. Downie - The Chairman asked that this be discussed at
length at the next F&GP meeting after consultation with NALC
b. NHS - Appointments Commission - information for members
c. Warsop in Bloom - Donation request - this has already been precepted for
£1,000 and was agreed by all members to pay it.
d. Meden Vale 2000 - Thank you letter
e. Letter from Mrs. Ann E. Guthridge - The Clerk read out this letter. Cllr R. Morton commented that the garden is called the Community Garden and agreed that a footpath opposite the existing one from Coggins corner along Netherfield Lane to Meden Vale would be safer. Cllr. C. Avison commented that this could be part of the School Travel Plan and suggested that the Parish Council open a dialogue with Peter Thom on this one. The Clerk is to mention it in the letter to him.
f. Old Warsop Society - copy of letter sent to NCC. Cllr. D. Avison stated
he also was not happy with the repairs to the bridge, the contactors had
not attempted to blend the new work in. The Chairman suggested the Clerk write in support of the letter.
Received after agenda completed - Section 137 payment request from
Friends of the Carrs - refer to the next Finance & General Purposes meeting, to be arranged.

Lloyds TSB Current Account - 31 Mar 03 …………. £12,769.00
Co-op Bank Current Account - 31 Mar 03 …………. £2,252.22
Co-op Bank Deposit Account - 31 Mar 03 …………. £13,930.37

It was agreed that the following accounts would be paid:
0029. Delivery of Warsop News May edition …………… £162.50
0030. County Supplies - Stationary ……………………… £21.94
0031. Petty Cash - stamps …………………..…………… £30.00
0032. Meden School Sixth Formers - section 137 ……… £250.00
0033. Warsop Autumn Show - section 137 …………… £100.00
0034. Association of Notts Newsletters - Affiliation Fee £10.00
0035. NALC - Training 'Audit Briefings' ……………. £12.50

Cllr. B. Smith reported that there were 2 School Governor vacancies at Sherwood School. He also pointed out items of interest in Countylink No 56. Page 2 - SRB Funding, £200,000 is available for "ICT Training in the Community" project. Page 4 - Changes to Benefit Payments - information from the Post Office. Page 7 - A new Local Access Forum is being recruited to provide adequate opportunities for exercise and open air recreation.

Letter from Andy van Liet in reply to our complaint letter, explaining problems about Town Centre - each member given a copy for their information.
Cllr. C. Avison asked if we knew the result of the Planning Application for SureStart. The Chairman stated that the decision would not have been made till 6pm this evening but it was recommended to be passed.

The Chairman asked the Clerk to send the information on to Meden Vale 2000 and Warsop in Bloom.
The date for the Sunday 18th May and the Clerk reported that everything seemed to be going quite well after having the first meeting last week and that she was working closely with Mr. Charlie Barlow who is the RAYNET communications leader. There are 7 groups registered already and more are expected to register now that Easter is over. Another meeting is planned for Monday 12th May in the Town Hall at 5pm.
Cllr. B. Smith thanked Cllr. C. Avison for all his hard work on the 3 Parishes walk and Cllr. J. Allin thanked him for all his hard work generally, he was a very active member and would be missed. Thanks were also expressed to Carol Moon, Eric Wright and Heather Scott.

The Clerk explained that the internal auditors had made a couple of mistakes entering the figures on the Annual Return, these needed to be rectified by them and returned to Hacker Young as soon as possible but they needed to be approved. The Chairman moved that it be approved, all members agreed and the motion was carried. The Clerk added that the year end accounts had been completed for the year April 2002 to March 2003 by herself and Sue Ford and were ready to go to Accounting Solutions. The Chairman extended thanks to Sue Ford for all her help assisting the Clerk.

Street Crime and Drugs
The Chairman suggested an extended Public Participation to cover this subject with dialogue between the public, Councillors and the Police.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40pm

6887. DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING - Monday 19th May 2003

Signed …………………………………… Dated ……………………
Chairman Warsop Parish Council

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