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Warsop Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 21st June 2004
Town Hall
Church Street
Notts NG20 0AL
01623 846011

MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 21st June, 2004 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Market Warsop at 18.30 hours.

Present: Cllrs. J. Allin Chairman, J. Kerr Vice Chairman, A. Wetton, (Mansfield District Councillor), D. Avison, R. Morton (Mansfield District Councillor) S. Shields (Mansfield District Councillor) and M. Kavanagh. Cllr. B. Smith apologised for being late.

Chad reporter & a member of the public

Apologies for Absence: Cllrs: D. Priest, V. Jennings, P. Crawford and L. Kingdon.

The Chairman drew the attention of Members to the requirement for them to declare any Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary Interests related to Agenda items.

CCTV/Warsop Landmark/Age Concern (P) - Cllr. J. Allin
Christmas Lights/Welbeck Colts/Warsop Carnival (P) Cllr. A. Wetton
Meden Vale 2000 (P) - Cllrs. S. Shields, R. Morton, J. Kerr and V. Jennings
Warsop and Villages Enterprise Society WAVES (P) - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, B. Smith, R. Morton and M. Kavanagh
Friends of the Carrs/JAG (P) - Cllr. L. Kingdon
Church Warsop Tenants & Residents Association/Meden Under 5's (P) - Cllr. M. Kavanagh.
Leicester Housing Association (P) - V. Jennings
Association of Labour Councillors (P) - Cllrs. A. Wetton, B. Smith, S. Shields and R. Morton.

Cllr A. Wetton stood down as Chairman, thanked everyone and said that he had enjoyed his time as Chairman. He then handed over to Cllr. J.Allin who signed the Declaration of Office of Chairman and the Clerk witnessed. The Chairman gave a short update on all the projects Cllr Wetton had been involved in as Chairman and thanked him for keeping the Parish going. He also said there were lots more to come for Warsop and he looked forward to working in Partnership with district and county councils.

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 17th May, 2004, were accepted as a true record.

The list for 2004/2005 was amended as follows:
Meden Vale 2000 Cllrs. D. Priest, V. Jennings, R. Morton, S. Sheilds & J. Kerr
Age Concern Cllrs. B. Smith and J. Allin
Mansfield CCTV
Charitable Trust Cllr. J. Allin
School Governors Netherfield Cllrs. S. Shields and R. Morton
Church Vale Cllr. M. Kavanagh
Sherwood Cllrs. D. Avison and A. Wetton
Meden Cllr. A. Wetton
Eastlands Cllr. J. Allin
Cllr. M. Kavanagh commented that she has not been invited to any CAB meetings, the Chairman asked the Clerk to write to CAB.

The member of the public asked if any of his points raised at the last meeting were being dealt with.

The Chairman closed Public Participation

The Clerk reported that she had contacted Joanna Favill regarding the confusion of the crossing areas in the town centre as had been assured that this was being looked into and that a safety officer would monitor the situation, Joanna will contact the Clerk on return from holiday. Lay-bys, bus shelters, access to car parks and highway improvements in general are top priority for Warsop, Notts C.C. are looking at various projects to improve the traffic flow in and around the town. The Chairman reported that at the last town centre group meeting it was agreed to have a left turn off the A60 into the Age Concern, High Street Car Park. With regard to the Carrs Car Park Cllr. B. Smith reported that one of his bids to the Notts C.C. initiative, "Building Better Communities" had been successful and that a new Car Park on the Carrs will be made and he will check to make sure that the hardstanding for the War Memorial is included in the work.

Cllr. A. Wetton reported that plans for the Carnival were in their final stage and everything was in place with Mega Sports Day on Carr Lane on Saturday 3rd July and the full Carnival day on Sunday 4th July with the parade starting earlier than usual at 11.30am. He thanked the Parish Council for their support.
Cllr. J. Kerr reported that there was graffiti on the Skatepark, Neighbourhood Warden Mac replied that he was aware of this and when his new Warden, Mark Carrington joins him next week they will make it their top priority to catch the culprits, he suspected that they were not locals.

Proposed demolition of the Old School, Warsop Vale and residential
Cllr. J. Kerr reported that the Planning Committee had looked at this application and recommended that the Parish Council move against the application being granted. All members agreed and the Clerk is to inform MDC Planning.

An e-mail has been received from Insp D. Shardlow after Warsop Parish Council supplied him with our top 10 crimes, each member was given a copy.

Shaping Futures Day Nursery is now open. A new contractor has been appointed for the Surestart building and will commence work on 14th July, with such a delay the building is now scheduled to open at Christmas.

The Chairman reported on last week's meeting, the Action Plan has been set and there will be a meeting on Wednesday night with Helen Carrington to start taking the plan forward there is £40,000 to spend this year and £40,000 to spend next year. He also stated that they needed more people from the Bainbridge road area to attend the meetings.

The Clerk reported that for the second month in a row the paper had paid for itself with a little in reserve. She has decided to publish an August edition instead of September because her annual leave falls in the middle of the set deadlines and it would be difficult to alter all the deadlines with Pen-it and Mortons.

7173. MEDEN VALE 2000 - Minutes were circulated to all members and no comments were made.

7174. TOWN CENTRE GROUP - Minutes were circulated to all members. Cllr. A. Wetton reported that the new signs being erected in the area were very good, the Warsop signs have now been agreed after changes to the design have been made and the casts are being made. The town centre signs are with the artist and a proof will be available at the next meeting. Cllr. R. Morton reported that the reaction of the Meden Vale signs have been positive.

circulated to all members. Cllr. B. Smith reported that the health centre plans had now been changed with a much improved design and the materials used are in keeping with the area. It is proposed the have the building open by early 2006 provided a much better health care facility for Warsop. They have received a complaint from a member of the public about a stockpile of tyres at premises alongside A60 opposite the Carrs and ask if the Parish Council could look into the problem. The Chairman suggested the Clerk write to MDC to investigate.

7176. AREA ASSEMBLY - Minutes were circulated to all members. Cllr. A. Wetton suggested more people attend these meetings and put forward what Warsop wants, more employment and more housing. The next meeting is at St. Teresa's Catholic Church on Wednesday at 7pm. Discussions took place and Cllr. D. Avison said that Warsop needed large employers.

The Clerk confirmed that the Co-op Bank Accounts have been closed and all monies transferred to Lloyds TSB. Cllr. A. Wetton felt that they had been extremely negligent with the handling of the accounts and a letter to the Manager explaining our concerns should be sent.

Lloyds TSB Current Account - 28 May 04 ………… £4,667.82
Lloyds TSB Premier Account - 28 May 04 ………… £13,797.82
Co-op Bank Current Account - 28 May 04 .………….£11,726.61
Co-op Bank Deposit Account - 28 May 04 ………… £5,958.06

It was agreed that the following accounts would be paid:
V0112. SLCC The Clerk's Manual ……………………………… £25.00
V0113. Delivery of Warsop News ………………………………. £180.00
V0114. Postage ………………………………………………….. £35.00
V0115. Pen-it Graphics Warsop News - June Edition ……… £528.75
V0116. Mortons Printers Warsop News - June Edition ……. £1,030.00
V0117. Mansfield District Council - Advert in town centre leaflet ….£58.75
V0118. Notts County Council - Rent ……………………………….£562.50

7179. ANNUAL RETURN AND AUDIT year ending 31st March 2004
The Clerk reported that it was hoped that herself and Sue Ford would have had the accounts ready to sign off at this meeting. With the extra work involved with the accounts this year, due to the purchase and sale of land and acting as bid holder for Wood Street they are still being worked on. The Clerk recommended that the accounts now be approved at a Finance & General Purposes meeting to be held next Monday in order that then can be returned to Hacker Young by 31st June. The Clerk reported that there was £28,000 in reserve which needs to be earmarked for projects and spent by the end of the financial year 2004/2005, also to be discussed at the F&GP meeting.

Cllr. B. Smith gave his apologies for not attending the last meeting due to his busy schedule. He gave an update on Notts C.C. highlighting matters relevant to our Parish. He reported that there had been a re-shaping of the Highways Personnel and they were now getting better prices on services by getting together with other councils. He explained The Wheels to Work Scheme and reported that 2 school workers had achieved 25 years service.

Cllr. R. Morton gave an update on MDC highlighting the Nature Reserve week 12th - 20th July. Cllr. A. Wetton is of the opinion that MDC are trying to get the Parish Council to take on more responsibility for our area but aren't offering any financial help for us to take over services. They have offered the maintenance of the Carrs to The Friends of the Carrs and want Warsop Parish Council to take over the maintenance of the Dori Bonsall garden with Warsop in Bloom doing the planting, even though the contract has still 2 more years to run. Flower beds have been late being planted with the weeds being allowed to take over and the grass cutting has been really late this year, making our Parish look a mess. Cllr. B. Smith had spoken to Sharon Thomas who assured him this was a one-off due to lack of staff. Discussion took place and The Chairman suggested that Sharon Thomas be invited to the next meeting. Cllr. B. Smith also asked Sharon about the planting of the coal trucks she said she needed to know from the Parish Council where they should be situated. The Chairman said this had been decided months ago when they were moved across the road from the Surestart site and are still waiting for MDC to move them outside the Telephone Exchange. Cllr. M. Kavanagh said that Warsop Vale had declared an interest in the coal trucks but The Chairman felt they were too big and would look into finding some smaller ones.

7182. DDA Act
The Clerk reported on a test case in Prestatyn, Wales where a Parish Council has been told they must move out of their Council Chamber as it is upstairs and does not comply with the Disabled Discrimination Act which comes into force in October. As we have the same situation with our Council Chamber and although we are looking to move to the building at the side of the Town Hall, which will comply with the Act and will also enhance the area by renovating a derelict building, we need to know the implications from October as we haven't even acquired the building yet. Cllr. B. Smith will take it up with Notts C.C. to see if the building can be handed over to us. Meanwhile the Clerk is to look into the implications further and this could be discussed in detail at the next F&GP meeting.

Cllr. M. Kavanagh presented an analyst of the survey to members in order to identify where the needs are. She is looking at obtaining funding for 2 part-time workers to work inconjuction with the existing Community Bus and a new one to link in with existing services and tailor make a service to demand. It was agreed that Cllr. M. Kavanagh is to take the bid forward. Cllr. A. Wetton thanked Cllr. M. Kavanagh for all the hard work she had done on this project so far.

7184. NALC
The Clerk presented a free training opportunity on Health and Safety together with the details of the NALC Conference in October and asked anyone wished to attend to let her know.

The Clerk is to be informed of any items 14 days prior to the next meeting.

7186. DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING - Monday 19th July, 2004

Signed …………………………………… Dated ……………………
Chairman Warsop Parish Council


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