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Warsop Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 20th October 2003

Warsop Parish Council
Town Hall, Church Street
Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts.NG20 0AL
Tel:01623 846011

MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 20th October, 2003 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Market Warsop at 18.30 hours.

Present: Cllrs.A. Wetton, Chairman (also Mansfield District Councillor), J. Allin, Vice Chairman, B. Smith (also Nottinghamshire County Councillor), D. Priest, V. Jennings, D. Avison, J. Kerr and P. Crawford

Apologies for Absence: Cllrs. S. Shields (also Mansfield District Councillor), R. Morton, (also Mansfield District Councillor) both attending School Governors meeting, M. Kavanagh (degree course), L. Kingdon (attending AGM for JAG)

The Chairman drew the attention of Members to the requirement for them to declare any Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary Interests related to Agenda items.

CCTV/Warsop Landmark (NP) - Cllr. J. Allin
Christmas Lights/Welbeck Colts/Warsop Carnival (NP) Cllr. A. Wetton
Meden Vale 2000 (NP) - Cllrs. S. Shields, R. Morton, J. Kerr and V. Jennings
Warsop and Villages Enterprise Society WAVES (NP) - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, B. Smith and R. Morton
WPRA/Friends of the Carrs/JAG (NP) - Cllr. L. Kingdon
Church Warsop Tenants & Residents Association/Meden Under 5's (NP) - Cllr. M. Kavanagh.
Leicester Housing Association (NP) - V. Jennings

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 15th September were accepted as a true record.

6955. Matters arising out of minutes
6934 Planning applications e. Crates and Grapes, High Street, Warsop - Dwarf wall and railings -The Chairman reported that the wall would not be going ahead as the cost is too high and will submit planning permission for a small fence instead.
6963. Car Park rear of Age Concern - Cllr. P. Crawford reported that the one no-entry sign was now obscured by the hoarding put up by Hallamshire Contruction, allowing access from the A60 - The Chairman would speak to Hallamshire and reported that Cllr. L. Kingdon was looking into signage in general around the town.

No members of the public were present, the meeting was not adjourned.

a. 12 Coach Road, Warsop - Erect fence up to 1.83m high
b. Land on Cherry Grove, Warsop - Outline application for residential dev
c. 18 Cumberland Avenue, Warsop - Extensions resubmission
d. 4 Church Street, Warsop - Fitting of roller shutters
e. 1 Rutland Close, Warsop - Two storey side extension
f. Land off Manor Road, Old Church Warsop - Site signage
g. 237 Sherwood Street, Warsop - Conservatory to rear
h. 71 Lime Crescent, Church Warsop - Conservatory
i Mount Pleasant, Mansfield Road, Warsop - Proposed wildlife pond
j Land adj 138 Egmanton Road, Meden Vale - 1 detached house & garage
k 2 Oakfield Avenue, Warsop - Detached garage
l Sissons Jewellers, Warsop - Change of use to residential
m 2 Coggins Lane, Church Warsop - Two storey extension
n 6 Meden Glen, Old Church Warsop - Two storey extension
o 3 Maid Marion Rise, Warsop - Conservatory and garage
p 32 St Peter's Avenue, Church Warsop - Extensions
q Meden School, Warsop - Consultation for single storey teaching block
r 9-15 Alexandra Street, Warsop - Application for demolition
s 8 Cumberland Avenue, Warsop - Single storey side and rear extension
More information was requested for b. and i. l was discussed but no comments were made.

The Chairman reported that the railings had been put in place on the plinths today and the hardstanding has been laid by Mansfield District Council in time for Remembrance Sunday 9th November. Also, he had approached Mansfield District Council to clean the Memorial and hoped that this would be completed in time for Remembrance Sunday. Cllr. D. Priest offered to try and get a band for the British Legion and the Chairman invited all members to attend the parade which will start from the Legion approx 10 - 10.30am

The Chairman reported that the hoarding had now been erected ready for Hallamshire Construction to start building. Monies have still not been exchanged but was expected soon, Cllr. B. Smith asked that the monies from the advertising hoarding be chased again by the Clerk.

The Chairman reported that with Warsop Parish Council acting as the agent and providing a donation of £5,000 the project can now move forward with funding in place and all criteria met. Cllr. B. Smith reported that he would follow up contributions from Notts County Council and that the plans for the future of the Royal Estate would soon be made available. Cllr. J. Allin wished to record thanks to Cllr. B. Smith for all his hard work on this project.

Cllr. D. Priest reported his concerns about Stagecoach's new re-routed service 11 that it goes round the village the wrong way and is not serving the community as it used to, he has collected a petition from residents and Cllr. J. Kerr reported that Cllr. R. Morton also had a petition regarding this service. Cllr. B. Smith offered to take both petitions to Notts County Council who subsidise this service. The Chairman also reported about the complaints regarding Stagecoach's re-routed service 10 in Warsop which also no longer serves the community as it used to and now takes approx 1 hour to get from the Swallows, Warsop to Mansfield Bus Station, most people are getting off on Burns Lane and catching another bus into Mansfield to avoid the long journey around Mansfield Woodhouse. It was suggested that the Clerk write to Stagecoach with these concerns and invite a representative of theirs to the next full Council meeting to explain these changes.

Cllr. J. Kerr asked members on behalf of Cllr. R. Morton if they could help to find the owners of the land at the side of the surgery as he had been trying for sometime with no result. Cllr. V. Jennings replied that Leicester Housing owned it and if Cllr. R. Morton was to contact them they would be willing to discuss the project.

There seems to have been some confusion as to which footpath is to be claimed, Cllr. B. Smith said that he would contact the Tenants and Residents Association to clarify which footpath it is and will then contact the footpaths department.

The Clerk reported that the October edition had been a success yet again, although the advertising revenue was slightly down leaving a shortfall of £145 but the November edition was already being put together and new adverts are already coming in for new businesses, Dean's Carpets in Warsop and T & G Computers in Cuckney. The content of the October edition was once again, well received with positive comments from the readers and the advertisers.

The Chairman reported that the Clerk had been putting in extra hours since starting in post and will soon be training for the AQA Qualification, at the last F&GP meeting it had been put forward that her hours be increased and suggested from January 2004 they be increased to 30 hours per week. Cllr. J. Allin thanked Tania for the considerable amount of work and extra hours she has put in to get the Warsop and District News to the standard it is now and suggested to members that her hours be increased to 30 hours per week. Cllr. David Avison proposed the motion, Cllr. P. Crawford seconded and the motion was carried unanimously.

The article from David Shardlow to appear in the next edition of The Warsop & District News was well received from all members, the Clerk reported that he would supply an article on a different aspect of crime in our community and the ways in which our Parish will be Policed. The Chairman felt that this would strengthen the already good relationship with our local Police Force and provide much needed information on reducing crime in our community. He also added he had recently received a reply from his letter to the Home Office and was not happy with it as it did not address any of the aspects of crime in our area and would be writing again. Cllr. V. Jennings commented that is was good to see Wardens out on the streets again.
Cllr. D. Avison asked the Parish Council if they would back his idea to put forward lowering the age for the D.A.R.E. scheme, all members agreed.

The letter from Severn Trent was presented and members agreed that this letter did not provide any answers for the residents that have to put up with the extra number of lorries travelling by their homes and The Chairman he would contact Robert Hardman to find out more. Cllr. P. Crawford suggested that the Clerk send a copy of this letter to Mr.& Mrs. Wright.
Cllr. D. Avison reported that with more cars parked on and near the chicanes on Sherwood Street, it is becoming increasing difficult to know whether it is safe to continue and is concerned that there will be an accident. Cllr. B. Smith will contact Highways and ask them to come and have a look at the situation.

Minutes were circulated to all members and no comments were made. As Cllr. L. Kingdon could not attend this meeting and give her report with an update on WPRA and the Town Centre Group she had presented the Clerk with a report today which will be copied and sent out to all members.
Referring the market, Cllr. J. Allin reported that Mansfield District Council had borrowed some of our stalls and the trailer which had subsequently been stolen from their compound. Mansfield District Council have been approached to replace these stalls but have refused as the excess on their insurance policy would not cover the cost. The Chairman will take it up with Mansfield District Council as the stalls should be replaced by them and suggested a letter from Warsop Parish Council.

6996. MEDEN VALE 2000
Minutes were circulated to all members and Cllr. J. Kerr commented about the appalling state of the car park on Ossington Close in front of the shops and is have a lot of problems tracking down the owner of the land. Cllr. D. Priest reported that John Mann MP and Richard Goad, Chief Executive of Mansfield District Council were looking into it and will report their findings at a later meeting. Cllr. B. Smith also suggested a letter from the Parish Council to R. Goad asking for his comments.

Minutes were not available - meeting next week.

All members had received the NALC recommendations for a complaints procedure, Cllr. B. Smith suggested that we should have a procedure in place and adopt these recommendations for our own, this could be decided at a later meeting.

a. BT - Payphone removal corner of Cottage Lane and Sherwood Street. Only one comment had been received by a member of the public with regard to it being the last red telephone box in Warsop. No comments were received by members, it was accepted that as a low usage kiosk BT may remove it.
b. The Countryside Agency - Rights of Way Act 2000 a copy of this letter was sent out to all members and a copy of the map is available in the Clerks Office
c. Church Warsop Joint Action Group - The Chairman read out a thank you letter for the donation of £3,000 from the Parish Council.
d. Warsop Carnival - The Chairman read out a thank you letter, received today, for the donation of £5,000 from the Parish Council.

There were no more comments made and it was agreed that this new form would replace the old one.

Lloyds TSB Current Account - 30 Sept 03 …………. £3,523.13
Co-op Bank Current Account - 30 Sep 03 …………. £2,621.33
Co-op Bank Deposit Account - 30 Sep 03 …………. £10,942.60

It was agreed that the following accounts would be paid:
0056. Pen-it Graphics - Design & artwork for Warsop News ….. £528.75
0057. Mortons Print Ltd - Printing of Warsop News …………. £1,030.00
0058. Delivery of Warsop News ………………………………. £160.00
0059. Postage …………………………………………………. £30.00
0060. Warsop Vale Village Association - Transport Survey ….. £1,000.00
0061. Notts C.C. - Office rent and photocopying …………….. £659.07
0062. Notts County Supplies - paper …………………………. £11.39
0063. Market Warsop Traders Association - Xmas Lights …… £1,000.00
0064. Warsop Carnival - donation of Chairman's Allowance .. £250.00

Matters relating have already been covered.

With regard to the Town Centre Improvements, the Chairman stated that a meeting had taken place a few weeks ago to site bollards, seats and litter bins but this still had not been done, the Clerk has chased Andy van Vliet on this matter but has not received a reply as to when it will be complete. She also attended the last Town Centre meeting to get an answer but Andy van Vliet did not turn up for the meeting. On 17th October there was an incident with a Parceline van mounting the pavement on Spencers corner and nearly hitting a pedestrian, in view of this the bollards need to be put in place immediately. Cllr. B. Smith suggested a letter to Andy van Vliet with a copy of the letter from the resident and copies of these be sent to Janice Stanley.

To be presented to the Clerk 14 days prior to the next meeting. The Chairman asked that, due to 4 Councillors being unable to attend this meeting and again no public were present, members think about the possibility of alternating the days of future meetings to give an opportunity to people finding it difficult to attend a Monday meeting. This could be discussed at the next meeting.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20pm

7005. DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING - Monday 17th November 2003

Signed …………………………………… Dated ……………………
Chairman Warsop Parish Council

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