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Warsop Parish Council
(1st April 2011 – 31st March 2012)

Chairman’s Report

A recurring theme for this council of late is protecting services for the people of Warsop.  We have worked closely with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue and supported our county councillor to successfully campaign for the prevention of the closure of our fire station.  We continue to invest in our town hall to protect the services that it offers.  This is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more services have their own budgets slashed or pulled altogether.   However, our work is ensuring that many of the services accessed at the town hall can continue to operate and the building is starting to become more sustainable.  The Warsop Police Team have become resident in the building which not only supports the building’s use, but also ensures that there is still a police base within the parish.  At this point, I would particularly like to thank Cllr Kachonowski for assuming the role of town hall centre manager.  She has volunteered many hours to keep the building running. I would particularly like to thank Mike and the other Infotech members for the work they have done and continue to do.  I would also like to thank our volunteers who provide reception cover so that the people of Warsop can access the services that they need to.

Our current campaign is to save the limited parking facilities that we have in Warsop.  We recently made an offer to Notts County Council to prevent them from taking the car park situated at the top of the high street to auction.

Organisations that we have funded this year include once again Warsop Carnival and the 2011 event was one of the most successful to date in terms of raising money for local groups and organisations. Our thanks go to them.  We are also pleased to been able to support Kevin Keegan and the rest of the SHINE team.  SHINE are currently working very well to engage the youth in our community and we give them our full support and will continue to support them in the future however we can.
As always a full list of organisations that have benefitted from Section 137 payments is available from the Parish Clerk.

For me personally it has continued to be a great privilege to serve as Chairman of the Parish Council for a third year. All parish councillors are volunteers, elected to serve. I would like to thank them for uniting in the service of our great community.  And finally, I would like to thank Tania Barlow, our Clerk to the council.  She goes above and beyond the call of duty and I am pleased that we are in a position to provide her with some much needed administrative support (long overdue!).

Thank you once again, Tania.

Cllr Stuart Moody , Chairman 
Warsop Parish Council.


CHAIRMAN – Councillor Stuart Moody, 11 King Road, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0BQ Tel: 07735299359  Email stuart.moody@warsopweb.co.uk

VICE-CHAIR – Councillor Peter Crawford, 21 Hamilton Drive, Market Warsop Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0EX Tel: 01623 843740 Email peter@crawford61.orangehome.co.uk (also Mansfield District Councillor)

Councillor John Kerr, 8 King Road, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0BH Tel: 01623 845315 Email jkerr@mansfield.gov.uk (also MDC)

Councillor Andy Wetton, 11b Sherwood Street, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 OJP. Tel: 01623 842138 Email andywet29@aol.com (also MDC)

Councillor John C Allin, 7 Gleadthorpe Cottages, Netherfield Lane, Meden Vale, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 9PE Tel: 01623 843391 (also NCC)
Email john.allin@nottscc.gov.uk

Councillor Dennis Priest, 5 Perlethorpe Avenue, Meden Vale, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 9QF. Tel: 01623 842435

Councillor Halina Kochanowski, 24 Birkland Avenue, Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0PL Tel: 01623 846281 Email halinakochanowski@mac.com

Councillor Karen Smith, 5 Coopers Yard, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts NG20 0PD Tel: 01623 842078 Mob: 077966007236 Email d2studio@btinternet.com

Councillor Meryl Cunliffe, 18 The Homesteads, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts.
Tel: 01623 843018 Mob:07795985909 Email meryl@hotmail.co.uk

Councillor David Harrison, 4 Meden Glen, Church Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0RJ Tel: 01623 843785 Email leekee@tiscali.co.uk

Councillor Margaret Needham, 53 Mansfield Road, Spion Kop, Mansfield, Notts NG20 0EQ Tel: 01623 845204 Email holly.twm@tiscali.co.uk

Councillor Derek Evans, 22 Netherfield Lane, Church Warsop, Mansfield, Notts.
Tel: 01623 842829 Mob: 07973 733090 Email: derekjohnevans@mypostoffice.co.uk

Clerk & Proper Officer
Mrs Tania Barlow, Warsop Parish Council, Town Hall, Church Street, Market Warsop, Notts NG20 OAL Tel:  01623 846011 E-mail: tbarlow@warsop.gov.uk




Meden Vale The Future



Warsop in Bloom









Warsop Carnival






Church Vale School         


            Friends of the Carrs         500.00
            Market Warsop Players    750.00
            Welbeck Estates Band     500.00
            Shine                               4000.00
            John Eastwood Hospice    100.00

Total amount …………………… £13,250.00

Receipts and Payments Account for the year ended 31.03.12
2010/11 Receipts
70000 Precept 70000.00
7917 Town Hall Room Hire 23945.00
Town Hall Sundries
22220 Warsop & District News 28398.00
34 Interest 27.86
4140 Miscellaneous 3922.72
869 VAT 3367.34
105179 129660.92
30908 Staff Costs 36115.88
2425 Administration 4148.45
Town Hall Staff
6067 Heating/Lighting 7006.82
6394 Rates 8289.00
Water 355.60
3749 Repairs/Maintenance 6146.05
39 Cleaning 5043.60
1662 Sundries 618.65
5669 Capital 1100.00
26159 Warsop & District News 31246.00
8520 Section 137 13250.00
9517 Miscellaneous 11136.03
3367 VAT 4288.16
104476 128744.24
Cumulative Fund
55996 Balance b/fwd 56699.53
105179 Add Receipts 129660.92
104476 Less Payments 128744.24
56700 Balance c/fwd 57616.21
Represented by
4786 Current Account 1790.79
51913 Deposit Account 55825.42
56700 57616.21


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