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Warsop Parish Council
Annual Report
(1st April 2009– 31st March 2010)

Annual Section 137 payments and donations paid out up to 31st March 10

Warsop in Bloom – Carnival Flower Show 750.00
WPRA - Christmas Lights 1000.00
WPRA – Rent for storage of market stalls 300.00
CAB 500.00
RAYNET – Communications for 3PW 100.00
Warsop Carnival - 2009 4313.62
Warsop Plough Jnr FC 200.00
Hetts Lane Holiday Club 250.00
Welbeck Welfare FC 300.00
Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre 100.00
RBL – Comfort Boxes 200.00
Welbeck Estates Band – Remembrance Sunday 500.00
Warsop Footpaths Group Insurance 356.64

Total paid out ………………………………………… £8,870.26

Receipts and Payments Account for the year ended 31.03.10

CHAIRMAN – Councillor Stuart Moody, 3 Friar Lane, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0HX Tel: 07735299359 Email stuart.moody@warsopweb.co.uk

VICE-CHAIR – Councillor Eric J Hill, 36 Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0TF Tel: 01623 842652
Email Eric.clumberpets@uwcclub.net

Councillor Marion Kavanagh, 84 Wood Lane, Church Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0SS Tel: 01623 666370
Email marion.kavanagh@nottscc.gov.uk

Councillor John Kerr, 8 King Road, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0BH Tel: 01623 845315 (also MDC) Email jkerr@mansfield.gov.uk

Councillor Andy Wetton, 11b Sherwood Street, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 OJP. Tel: 01623 842138 Email andywet29@aol.com
(also Mansfield District Councillor)

Councillor John C Allin, 7 Gleadthorpe Cottages, Netherfield Lane, Meden Vale, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 9PE Tel: 01623 843391 (also NCC)
Email john.allin@nottscc.gov.uk

Councillor Brian G Smith, 18 Friar Lane, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 OHY. Tel: 01623 843410

Councillor Dennis Priest, 5 Perlethorpe Avenue, Meden Vale, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 9QF. Tel: 01623 842435

Councillor Sheila Shields, 20 Egmanton Road, Meden Vale, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 9QN Tel: 01623 843021 Email Sshields686@aol.com
(also Mansfield District Councillor)

Councillor Peter Crawford, 21 Hamilton Drive, Market Warsop Mansfield, Notts.. NG20 0EX Tel: 01623 843740 Email peter@crawford61.orangehome.co.uk
(also Mansfield District Councillor)

Councillor John A Heald, 144 Skegby Lane, Mansfield, Notts NG19 6PG
Tel: 01623 555089

Councillor Halina Kochanowski, 24 Birkland Avenue, Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0PL Tel: 01623 846281 Email halinakochanowski@mac.com

Clerk & Proper Officer
Mrs Tania Barlow, Warsop Parish Council, Town Hall, Church Street, Market Warsop, Nottinghamshire NG20 OAL
Telephone 01623 846011 Fax 01623 846012 E-mail: tbarlow@warsop.gov.uk

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Update 23/7/10

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